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Pop's Story

The story of Pop’s Sunset Grill began in the 1940’s when Urbanek’s Fish Camp first settled on the plot of land currently occupied by Pop’s Tiki. Legend has it that Mr. Urbanek had emigrated from Cuba in a Cuban Navy Boat, which he used as his fishing vessel to supply his burgeoning fish market with product. Urbanek's Fish Market was a local favorite and supplied many restaurants in the Nokomis area. 

At some point, another restaurant was built on the adjoining land and they operated independently in a peaceful coexistence for many years. Over the years, the restaurant went through several iterations:

  • Silver Shark - featuring sharks in a fish tank near the outside bar
  • Buoy Bar - a biker bar with pool tables
  • Britt’s Place - a fine dining establishment
  • Pop’s Tropigrille - the sign formerly in the parking lot and now in Pop's Tiki proves this chapter


In 2001, the current ownership group purchased both Pop’s Tropigrille and Urbanek’s Fish Market and merged them to form one restaurant known as Pop’s Sunset Grill, keeping the favorite menu items of both. We have focused on maintaining the Old Florida charm while updating and enhancing the property. 

  • Installation of five fire pit tables and redesigned landscape in Pop’s Courtyard
  • Complete renovation of the main building
    • Indoor Bar and adjacent dining area

    • Expanded & Modernized Restrooms

    • Full Commercial Kitchen remodel

  • Pop’s Tiki Bar and Bou-Tiki opened in January, 2019

Pop’s Sunset Grill is a one-of-a-kind destination and we intend to sustain the unique character for the foreseeable future. Year after year, tens of thousands of guests arrive at Pop's for a taste of Old Florida while enjoying the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway, the fabulous natural wildlife and the scenic view of watercraft gliding by.

Pop’s entire team of owners, managers and staff are at your service. We are committed to provide quality meals and beverages, served in a casual, friendly, inviting and welcoming tradition of hospitality.


What’s in a Name?

We’ve been asked many times over the years, “Who is Pop?” Most expect Pop to be one of the owners or a local beer drinking legend or even baseball hall of famer Willie Stargell.  

In actuality, Pop is not a person, it’s a sound. If you stand on the dock in the evening and watch the snook eat under the lights you’ll hear a distinctive sound when they break the surface of the water in an attempt to catch their prey.  Pop’s Sunset Grill gets its name from this distinctive “Pop”.

The "Reel" POP Story - A True Fish Tale

By Frank McAndrew & Jeannie Bloomfield


they ask the old man in the shop.

The old man smiles in his reply;

a knowing look, and then a sigh ...

"You can call me POP, of this gift shop.

But if you’ve got a minute, stop

to hear the real, true tale of POP."

It goes this way,

the locals say...

There once was a fish named POP,

who didn't know when to stop.

He was a smart snook

that avoided the hook.

'Cause naught!

POP couldn't be caught!

While looking for treasure

to eat for his pleasure,

POP swam to the Alley

and begged from the galley.

So the cooks in good mood

threw POP some great food,

Which POP ate like a pig,

and he got really big!

'Cause naught!

POP couldn't be caught!

It goes by the book,

this snook beat the hook!

It's a fish-tail that's truly a thrill.

'Cause from this fish story

came all of POP’s glory...

That's how it got named

"POP's Grill"!

THE END of this big fish tale.